Buckshot - AKC/CKC Registered

29 lb male born 7-2-15


Hunter - AKC/CKC Registered

24 lb male born 8-15-14


Rossi - AKC/CKC/UKC Registered

15 lb male born 5-20-16


Terms of a Stud Service Contract will be signed and agreed upon by both dog owners before breeding. The Bitch Owner will pay the Stud Owner a total non-refundable fee of $500.00 paid at the time of the breeding. The Stud Owner reserves the right to choose and purchase from the litter a male or female pup for the purpose of putting it into the breeding program of 4N Bostons.


The Bitch Owner will deliver or send the bitch to the Stud Owner by day 4 of her heat cycle and will leave the bitch in the Stud Owners care for no longer than 14 days. The Bitch Owner will provide any medication or special dietary requirements for the bitch. The Stud Owner will provide shelter, care, and sustenance for the duration of the bitch's stay.


A successful litter is defined a 1 or more pups born alive and living at least 10 days. If a successful litter does not occur the bitch will be bred again during her next season, provided that the Stud Owner is notified within 10 days of the failure to whelp. If the second attempt fails, the contract will be considered void.


4N Bostons guarantee their studs to be healthy and capable of breeding. They are up to date on vaccinations and do not suffer from any contagious conditions. The Bitch Owner will produce copies of the registrations papers and shot records for the bitch at the time of breeding